Deborah J. Haynes

Where Do I Come From? Who Am I? Where Am I Going?

During many years of living in Boston, I would frequently visit the galleries of the Museum of Fine Arts. There I became acquainted with many extraordinary works of art: a Devi Mahatmya manuscript from India, an Atal stone from the Cross River region of Nigeria, and Paul Gauguin's 1897 painting, from which I have adapted the above title. Gauguin considered this massive work (nearly 14 feet long) to be the summation of his life work. This website functions as a précis of own reflection about these questions.

Since September 2013, much of the activity on these web pages centers on my blog. The devastating flood in Jamestown, where I lived for 15 years, resulted in many changes in my life and creativity. The Practice Chair, pictured above, was swept away but lives on in my imagination. Now, more than two years later, life is settling in unexpected ways. Besides writing regularly, I have moved into a new studio and begun drawing again. I am presently engaged in 100 days of solitude in this studio.

My name, Deborah, means queen bee in Hebrew. I balance activity, alone and with others, with contemplation. The upheavals in my personal, professional, and larger creative life have demanded diligence and discipline as I cultivate fresh ways of looking at the world and innovative ways of working. In such a context of change, the larger website functions as an archive of my work, as well as a platform for exploring my intellectual, artistic, and spiritual aspirations as they move into the future.



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