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New exhibition and new book!

November 2018

What: Reading and book signing, Beginning Again: Reflections on Art as Spiritual Practice, and opening of art exhibition “Dharma Practice”

Where: Boulder Shambhala Center, 1345 Spruce, Boulder, CO 80302. Boulder Bookstore will sell books.

When: Book event, November 8, 2018, 6-8pm with talk at 7pm; Art exhibition, November 1 through December 2018

On November 8th I will formally launch my 7th book, Beginning Again: Reflections on Art as Spiritual Practice (published by Cascade Books) at the Boulder Shambhala Center with a reading and book signing, followed by a reception. A small exhibition of my art related to dharma practice will be on display, and for sale, at the Community Room through December 2018. The event is free and open to the public. No RSVP is necessary.

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New podcast

September 2018

A new podcast interview of me, conducted by John F. Simon, Jr., is available online. 

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Exhibition at CUAM

March 28, 2018

After more than four years, I have finally finished my seventh book, Beginning Again: Reflections on Art as Spiritual Practice. While the production of the book will begin during the first week of April, the book will not be available until Fall 2018.

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Exhibition at CUAM

August-October 2017

Between mid-August and the end of October, Everything I Know #3 was exhibited at the University of Colorado Art Museum, along with more than 50 of my Tsakli cards. 

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Second 100-day Retreat

January-April 2017

On January 1, 2017 I began a second 100-day meditation retreat in my Longmont studio. With additional support for my husband who has dementia, I was able to establish a schedule in the studio from approximately 5am-5pm each day. I continued to manage our household and the care team, yet was also able to conclude a particular meditation practice called Rigdzin Dupa. This practice involved 2,600,000 mantra recitations, and it is difficult to describe its profound effects. I made numerous attempts to give visual form to the practice, with images such as those included here.


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History of the Visual Arts in Boulder

September-November 2016

During Fall 2016 museums and galleries throughout Boulder County featured the art of local artists. My work appeared in the Dairy Center for the Arts and at Mercury Framing.

Meditations on Impermanence, 2006, 38” x 69”, watercolor on paper


Canto 16 of 108, 11” x 15”, gouache on paper

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Engaging the Three Wisdoms

February 21, 2016

This is a podcast where I explore the three wisdoms, as they are defined within Buddhist practice. Hearing wisdom, contemplative wisdom, and meditation wisdom are the categories I use for describing my Buddhist experience and dharma art. A transcription of the podcast is available on the Mangala Shri Bhuti LINK page. The full written text is available here.

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Practice Map at Firehouse Gallery, Longmont, CO

January 2016

Practice Map at Firehouse Gallery, Longmont, Colorado

I worked on this 35-foot long drawing over 20 months. It details my contemplative and meditative practices of that period, including sitting meditation, walking, recitation of prayers, prostrations, and more.

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May 20-July 3

May-July 2015

The Museum of Art at Washington State University hosts Legacy, an exhibition of former Fine Arts faculty. Thirty-three of my drawings completed between 2006 and 2014 are included in this exhibition, including the first rendition of “Everything I Know.” A second version of “Everything I Know” is nearly complete, with two others at various early stages. Giving form to what I sense, think, and feel, to that immense spectrum of experiences in this precious life, inspires my work on this series. This version of the drawing is 39” x 68”.

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Changes in Jamestown

May-June 2015

I will soon post photographs of the many changes to the landscape at Ivydell, our Jamestown home from 1999-2013.

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A New Studio

October-December 2014

It is a great privilege for an artist to create a new studio, and I am grateful.





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A New House

[b]A New House[/b]

On February 10, 2014 we moved from a rental house to a small bungalow—a transitional place to live while Jamestown is being rebuilt.

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The Blue Pear Poster Session

​May 20, 2013

Poster session, “The Blue Pearl: A Research Report on Teaching Mindfulness Practices to College Students,” President’s Teaching and Learning Collaborative, University of Colorado

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